How we work

Building projects are one of the most stressful activities you can engage in, where miscommunication and misaligned expectations can result in higher costs, long delay and disappointment.

People often fail to understand the value that a set of thoroughly thought out architectural schemes and documentation adds. Creating a well thought out design at the beginning of a long process will help to mitigate risks during the construction process, adding unthinkable value to the overall scheme and ensuring that the building work is done right the first time round.

We want your finished spaces to bring you delight every time you use it – for whatever purpose it is designed and we will help you to get there through a number of logical steps;

Meeting, Visions & Budget

It starts with you: Whether it’s ultra modern or something more classic that inspires you, we start by finding out what type of spaces you want to achieve and we will explore what is possible within your context, budget and timeframe. We will also help you consider your level of investment to achieve longer-term value for money. Our team remain flexible in outlook and we


Using our meeting, your ambitions and the operational constraints of the site or property, we will develop architectural solutions using all of our deep knowledge about buildings and help you to visualise all of the different possibilities in the form of sketch drawings and three-dimensional visualisations. It is important at this stage to understand your tastes and how you wish to live, work and play in the building, which will enable us to develop the designs further until you are happy with the final outcome.

The Planning Process

Whether you are designing a residential extension or a new development, we must analyse all of the local authority regulations, heritage implications, possible overlooking and right of light issues and the available utilities and service routes. We will ensure that these will all be taken into consideration, formalising the final designs to comply with all relevant rules and regulations.

Building the team

It takes a large design team to turn ideas into reality and we love working collaboratively. We have a fantastic network of trusted partners in construction, structural engineering and interior design and our role is to make sure that all of the consultants building information is united and this involves pragmatic and intelligent thought and communication goes into the detail right from

Construction Documentation

This stage generally forms the largest part of our works. With the design complete, planning consents received and the design team information integrated, we will develop the design into detailed drawings, specification notes (products and supplier lists) and schedules (written instructions) sufficient for seeking prices for the works from a number of building contractors. This set of information will be used by the contractors to build from, so it is the most valuable set of information you will need as it will serve as a way to maintain control over costs and times during construction.

Securing the Contractor

We have good long-term relationships with a number of high quality building contractors based in London and across the UK. When you have chosen your preferred contractor we can help you to negotiate and conclude the final costs of the construction work. Forming a legally binding contract between you and your builder is of the upmost importance. We can offer you professional advice on selecting the most suitable building contract. Having been responsible for the design and construction documentation, we have a thorough understanding of what is required from the contractor, and so we are in the best position to protect your interests by maintaining quality and enforcing time and cost requirements, which are done through the signing of the Contract.

Inspecting the Building

It is ultimately the contractors full responsibility to complete the work in accordance with our construction documentation. Carrying out site visits and inspecting the construction work on a regular basis will seek to ensure that the works are being carried out on time and on budget and any issues that come up on site are resolved immediately. Part payments throughout the construction period are required and we will ensure that the contractor only claims for work that has been fully completed. Once the works are complete, we will inspect the site for the final time and ensure that you and the end users are happy and satisfied with the finished product and we will arrange for you to take possession of the site.

We think about you and the end users of the building at all times and ensure that we create something amazing together. You can trust our process, our knowledge and experience and our team to design and manage your scheme effectively. We can guide you, give you security and ultimately make your life easier.